e-Commerce Website Performance Optimization Services


Modern e-commerce websites are more complicated than every before. In addition, the code that is delivered in one web page is becoming more complex and larger - more user interface elements, Javascript, CSS, 3rd-party tags, etc. - all of which require more requests from browser to server and more data to be delivered from server to browser. The e-commerce platform you use doesn't by itself address the issue. The site implementation must be done with performance in mind.

Poor website performance impacts the usability of your site and online sales. Studies show that 40% of website visitors will abandon a website with page load speeds over 3 seconds. In addition, In Forrester's The State of Retailing Online 2013: Key Metrics and Initiatives, they provide metrics in how conversion rate is directly related to website performance. Their analysis shows it has a significant impact on any e-commerce website's total revenue potential.

At Kadro, we develop websites for optimal performance. We also help clients with an existing e-commerce website to identify website performance problem areas and how they can be addressed with the following two services detailed below:

  • Content Delivery Performance Assessment Service
  • e-Commerce Website Performance Consultation Service

Content Delivery Performance Assessment Service

  • With our Content Delivery Performance Assessment Service, we will review key page types across your e-commerce website: home page, landing pages, category listing pages, product pages, and checkout pages.
  • From this analysis, we will identify opportunities to improve your website's performance based on the following areas: compressed delivery, optimized content, minimizing requests, maximizing cache, and optimizing browser rendering. The goal is to maximize page loading speed for your users.
  • Our analysis will include recommendations on how to optimize the implementation of your website's content delivery.

We also provide an that is free to use to provide an analysis of three representative pages from your website: home page, category page, and product detail page. We've analyzed thousands of leading e-commerce websites and your results will be compared with our performance benchmarks.

Kadro's e-Commerce Performance Analysis Tool provides the following reports:

  • Compressed Delivery

    Maximizing though-put by minimizing data load.

    Compressed Delivery - e-Commerce Performance Optimization
  • Optimizing Content

    Same great content, delivered optimally.

    Optimizing Content - e-Commerce Performance Optimization
  • Minimizing Requests

    Reducing server load and client latency at the same time by combining server requests.

    Minimizing Requests - e-Commerce Performance Optimization
  • Maximizing Cache

    Forever caching of non-HTML content.

    Maximizing Cache - e-Commerce Performance Optimization
  • Optimizing Browser Rendering

    Organizing and loading content optimally for the browser.

    Optimizing Browser Rendering - e-Commerce Performance Optimization
  • Performance Review Summary

    Compare how you stack up with your peers.

    Performance Review Summary - e-Commerce Performance Optimization

e-Commerce Website Performance Consultation Service

For a more in-depth analysis of your e-commerce website implementation, platform, server-side infrastructure, and website content delivery, Kadro provides a complete e-Commerce Website Performance Consultation Service that includes the following tasks:

  • Review your e-commerce website's platform and hosting setup to determine what areas need better performance and what areas are within your control for change and improvements.
  • Advise your web development team or development partner on implementation strategies based on hosting, platform and implementation assessment.
  • Provide recommended priority list of performance enhancements that can be done to your e-commerce website.
  • Provide and review pseudo code and/or examples for your implementation team.
  • Where applicable, provide sample code for target platform language - Java or PHP.
  • Review and assist in install of platform performance extensions (Magento only).
  • Evaluation of performance improvements post implementation of performance recommendations.

"Our team was stuck with a stalled deployment process, non-responsive project management and a lack of eCommerce experience, capacity and consulting we needed in launching our new site to Magento Enterprise. Kadro elevated our effort with the right questions, insights and approach to move our eCommerce plans forward." Darren CassidyCEO and CoFounder - ShopVet, VP of Product Development, Net32