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Mobile Software - Custom iPhone, iPad, Android apps. Custom mobile applications.

Kadro has over 10 years experience developing innovative custom mobile solutions for businesses

  • Mobile commerce
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile
  • Enterprise Mobile + Web Systems

With our Kadro Mobile™ software platform, we provide you a complete and custom solution to meet 100% of your business requirements. Our firm offers full service in consultation, user experience design, software development, testing, and on-call support.

  • Experience — We have extensive experience in developing both standalone mobile software solutions and mobile solutions integrated with web-based application backend systems for business automation and data reporting. We've delivered systems on a variety of platforms and technology including Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Palm OS including applications on smartphones, tablet computers, consumer grade handhelds and industrial grade handhelds.
  • Process: Understand, Design, Develop, Deliver, Support and Enhance — Through a discovery process Kadro works closely with you to fully understand your business and technical requirements to meet your needs. Immersed in understanding your objectives and requirements, we design, develop and deliver a total solution for your business which includes full on-call support services and a responsive team to meet new challenges and enhancements as your business grows and changes. Our agile development method allows for continual application of new strategies in our partnership with the evolving landscape of mobile technology.
  • Total Solution — We provide your business a total solution blending our knowledge and experience of handheld platforms and devices, web-based application integration, distributed architectures for high performance and reliability, and on-call customer service and support.
    • For mobile solutions with web-based backend systems, we offer full-support hosting.
    • To assist mobile workers in the field, we offer full-service, on-call support and break-and-fix services.
  • Design and Development Flexibility — Kadro is focused on delivering for you the right solution for your business and your customers. Kadro offers full design capabilities or the ability to collaborate with your existing marketing and creative team. In addition we bring extensive technology experience with platform-native technologies like Java, Objective-C, C++/C# and HTML 5.