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As smartphone usage approaches 70% saturation for mobile phones and tablets are used instead of laptops and desktops, your customers and buyers are accessing your e-commerce website from these devices. In fact, the majority of e-commerce websites have experienced triple-digit annual growth in mobile users over the past two years. We are approaching a time when over 50% of your website visitors will be mobile.

If your e-commerce website is not usable for mobile, then you’re not prepared.

One approach to prepare is to build a separate m-dot website. This early approach to mobile was rooted in reaching Internet enabled flip-phones, designed for slow download speeds, and created for a least common denominator mobile size. Today, it’s not the approach needed to reach customers engaging with your brand on various devices.

You need to reach customers from any size device – smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops and Internet TVs. Your website needs to be designed so that the content on the site is managed in one place, but renders for any size screen.

This solution is Responsive Web Design.

Introduced by writer and web designer Ethan Marcotte in May 2010, Responsive Web Design applies existing technologies toward creating a website implementation that adapts to viewing size and device type. These include implementing your website using:

  • A Fluid Grid layout
  • Flexible Images
  • Media Queries
  • jQuery browser based scripting

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • A site experience engineered for all devices, not just smartphones.
  • One web system for content management and website maintenance.
  • One solution across all UI technologies.
  • A website that is state-of-the-art and better positioned to evolve as web technologies evolve.
  • A website that integrates with your existing 3rd-party components and integrations.
  • A more search engine optimized website – no m-dot site, no duplicated content, no mobile device redirect.
  • A unified website site for easier future enhancement

Award Winning Results

Our approach has yielded award-winning results including REEDS Jewelers the winner of a Retail TouchPoints Customer Engagement award for Responsive Web Design. In addition to significant growth in mobile site visits, the redesign yielded a 60-day return on investment through improved mobile conversion and the increase of mobile revenue.

"In looking for a software solution crucial to our marketing launch we were informed by many that our problem was too complex to solve. Kadro proved to be a partner with both the knowledge to say, "Yes, it can be done." and the ability to deliver in a smooth and efficient process." Ryan KoechelE-Commerce Manager, Remington Products