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Why Sell On eBay?

active users worldwide and 12 million unique visitors daily
of all sales are for brand new items being sold at a fixed price
in mobile sales worldwide
in eBay’s Global reach
Live Listings
AS A COMPLIMENTARY CHANNEL for your business, eBay doesn’t compete with their sellers and brand partners.

Kadro is an eBay Certified Provider

eBay Certified Provider

Kadro is a charter member of eBay's enhanced Certified Provider Program. As a member of this program, Kadro delivers solutions and support to help merchants onboard their product catalog to the eBay Marketplace as well as grow their eBay business. Kadro has serviced eBay's Merchant Development team since 2011 to onboard eBay's most strategic and complex brands to the eBay Marketplace.

Sample Kadro eBay Integrations include:

Target eBay Store Integration

Target - Hybrid eBay Integration

United States Postal Service eBay Store Integration

United States Postal Service - eBay MIP Integration

Bose eBay Store Integration

Bose – eBay MIP Integration

Shoebuy.com eBay Store Integration

APMEX - Hybrid eBay Integration (MIP & API)

Newegg eBay Store Integration

Newegg - eBay MIP Integration

Fanatics Branded eBay Auction Site

Fanatics Auctions - Branded eBay Auction Site at www.fanaticsauctions.com

Auto Customs Magento / M2E Integration

Auto Customs - Magento / M2E Integration

Shoebuy.com eBay Store Integration

Shoebuy.com - eBay MIP Integration

Vera Bradley eBay Store Integration

Vera Bradley – eBay MIP Integration

Better World Books eBay Store Integration

Better World Books – eBay MIP Integration

Hayneedle eBay Store Integration

Hayneedle - eBay MIP Integration

Callaway Golf eBay Store Integration

Callaway Golf - eBay MIP Integration

BuyAutoTruck eBay Store Integration

BuyAutoTruck – eBay Marketplace Manager Integration

Jomashop eBay Store Integration

Jomashop – eBay MIP Integration

How To Sell Products on eBay

Kadro has extensive expertise on direct integrations into the eBay marketplace through a variety of technologies as illustrated below:

1. Platform Specific Solutions

Platform Specific Solutions

2. eBay's Merchant Integration Platform (MIP)

Bay's Merchant Integration Platform (MIP)

3. Custom Integration

Custom Integration

4. Hybrid Integration

Hybrid Integration

5. Branded eBay Auction Site

Branded eBay Auction Site

Kadro also provides consulting, project management, and account management services to ensure success in your eBay onboarding process.

Why trust Kadro for all your integration needs?

Years Experience Integrating Brands on eBay
Large Merchant Integrations
Generated In GMV For eBay Merchants
eBay Certified Provider
Charter member of eBay's Certified Provider Program

As eBay’s integration partner, Kadro works with eBay’s retail clients to provide the consultative and technical integration services required to complete the integration between the clients’ e-commerce platform or internal systems and eBay. In building B2C or B2B e-commerce websites, custom web applications, or mobile apps, the Kadro team has extensive experience in integrating with many 3rd- party systems.



Key Benefits of using Kadro

  • Extensive eBay and multi-channel integration experience
  • Faster time to channel
  • Zero transaction fees paid to Kadro
  • Enables enterprise sellers with large product inventory (1000-1M+)
  • Multiple integration paths supported

Project Resources & How to Start

When working with Kadro we will provide you an Integration Prime and Project Manager to manage both the procedural and technical aspects of the integration. Plus, we work directly with eBay’s Partner team as needed to ensure your project is a success.

After the integration we provide flexible support plans to ensure you are empowered for optimal marketplace selling.

To get started or get more information contact us at sales@kadro.com.

"Kadro was the partner that intimately learned our vision to build a site experience that had never been built before. They took our insights and strategy and ventured forward on the most modern and innovative eCommerce platform that exists with Magento 2. Their effort and partnership allowed us to leap frog our competition, create new online standard that did not exist in our industry and reach a new national audience on our website as well as on marketplaces." Jonathan StephensGeneral Manager, Audio Advice Online