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  • Solution B2C eCommerce
  • Platform Magento 2
Audio Advice


Since it’s founding nearly 40 years ago, Audio Advice has been fueled by an intense passion for product education, world-class customer experiences, exceptional people and unmatched support. This passion vaulted them to being the premier Audio/Video retailer in the Carolinas and winning multiple National retailer awards.

Audio Advice sought to replicate their in-store customer service experience on the web with the introduction of their new eCommerce platform. To achieve this, Audio Advice aligned with Magento 2 and Kadro to deliver an innovative new customer experience. Utilizing Magento’s flexibly open source platform, Kadro was able to build a site that lets Audio Advice walk their customers through its philosophy of curation, education and transformation.


Audio Advice Case Study

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Audio Advice let's users create a sound profile for tailored product recommendations

To help tailor the site experience to the individual visitor, Audio Advice worked with Kadro to implement a user sound profile tool. By simply answering a few questions around music interests, consumption preferences and product interest areas, specific and salient recommended products will be given to visitors. Also to further educate and serve visitors, woven throughout the site is close to a decade worth of original, industry leading content written by the team at Audio Advice. The implementation by Kadro allowed Audio Advice to integrate this content and to continue to use WordPress to generate new content, categorize it with new attributes and have it render dynamically on Magento to match the individual visitor sound profile.

To support this innovative approach to the consumer electronics industry Audio Advice selected Magento 2 for it’s next generation capabilities, flexibility and ability to scale. Pairing with Kadro as a Magento Professional Certified provider and best in class solution providers such as Look-Listen, AddShoppers and Windsor Circle, Audio Advice is bringing transformation of its business from an established brick & mortar retailer to a larger audience online.

  • New site redesign launched on Magento 2 with integration to WordPress for Content management
  • Utilization of geo-location capabilities of Magento Enterprise for presentation of content for visitors within retail location footprint
  • Product curation and personalization tool based on user sound profile preferences
  • Omni-channel enabled for selling on Amazon, eBay &
  • Integrations with SkuVault, QuickBooks, AddShoppers and ShipStation

"Kadro was the partner that intimately learned our vision to build a site experience that had never been built before. They took our insights and strategy and ventured forward on the most modern and innovative eCommerce platform that exists with Magento 2. Their effort and partnership allowed us to leap frog our competition, create new online standard that did not exist in our industry and reach a new national audience on our website as well as on marketplaces."

Jonathan Stephens

General Manager, Audio Advice Online

Sound profile on product detail page
Audio Advice

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