Houser Shoes

Traditional Regional Retailer selling US-wide with B2C eCommerce

  • Solution B2C eCommerce, Marketplace Integration
  • Platform Magento 1
Houser Shoes


Customers are the most important people in any business - That’s the philosophy Gary Houser, President and Founder of Houser Shoes, has taken to heart since opening his first store in Gastonia, NC in 1976. This approach has netted great success as Houser Shoes has expanded to include another brand, GB Shoe Warehouse; a chain of retail stores throughout the Southeast; and an established, comprehensive multi-channel on-line presence.

To create an online experience to match their in store experience, Houser Shoes focused on designing an eCommerce website where customer service is always friendly and friction free. However, reaching their goal of a destination where pleasurable shopping transactions take place has been no small feat.


Houser Shoes

After their initial launch with Magento Enterprise, Houser Shoes found itself in need of a partner to bring their customer service vision to life. Struggling to find the right service provider to call “home,” House Shoes engaged Kadro to stabilize on-going site issues and to improve its website experience. Kadro provided a new level of eCommerce and Magento expertise. Houser Shoe’s partnership with Kadro yielded the team they were searching for to reach their objectives and a company that shared their customer service vision.

  • Stabilized site issues and provided a comprehensive roadmap for site enhancements
  • Implemented OneStepCheckOut for a more seamless checkout experience
  • Migrated the site to a responsive design and implementation
  • Improved site speed & performance
  • Integrated with Bronto for eCommerce marketing
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Improved site security
  • Created custom gift card and rewards points capabilities
  • Enhanced Solr Search
  • Provided US-based Magento Enterprise support
  • 60% increase for mobile in new users and transactions from previous year
  • 57% more revenue from mobile phone transactions

"We needed a partner to step up to the daily eCommerce challenges we face and provide us the support and experience required to reach our vision. Kadro’s team has been a true asset to our online business with Magento Enterprise and has responded to deliver for our plans around site performance, mobility and strategic eCommerce planning."

Gary Houser

President & Founder, Houser Shoes Inc.