Turbo Boost your Magento site with Kadro's Site Analysis & Optimization Services

Does your Magento site runs slow, inefficiently, out of sync or worst case not at all.

The team at Kadro frequently gets asked by companies, “Can you help us with our site performance?"

The answer is YES! Over the last two years Kadro has been brought into many projects where there have been issues which led us to develop our Magento Site Analysis * Optimization Service.

Take a look at the below and contact us so we can do a no cost, no obligation, analysis of your Magento site.

Improved Site Performance

Kadro continuously analyzes your eCommerce site performance and functionality to ensure optimal performance.

Increased Conversion Opportunities

Kadro reviews all aspects of your eCommerce platform to find inefficiencies, errors, and opportunities for increased site conversions.

Technical Site Analysis

Kadro focuses on the technical aspects of the buyer journey.

Contact the Kadro Team for an analysis of your site.

During this analysis we will:

  • Identify problems
  • Determine frequency, severity and duration of issues
  • Identify the proper remedy of the issues (patches, database clean-up, configuration, custom code development or 3rd party modules or other)
  • Help you determine a go forward strategy for your eCommerce site.

Trust Our Experience

With over 19 years of eCommerce experience the Kadro team knows how to identify and solve many issues found in today's eCommerce sites.

The Kadro Team, as a Magento Certified, Adobe Gold Partner, now offer this experience to help you optimize your Magento Commerce storefront(s) so you can maximize your investment in eCommerce.

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