Whether you are building your first e-commerce website or migrating your existing platform to Magento (now called Adobe Commerce), Kadro can help you succeed.

Kadro is trained, certified, and experienced in delivering solutions on Adobe Commerce (formerly called Magento Commerce).

Kadro Magento eBook - Best Practices for Transforming Your eCommerce Platform

To help you better understand best practices for upgrading to Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce), Kadro published this eBook - Best Practices for Transforming Your eCommerce Platform.

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Magento Commerce is the best eCommerce platform
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Kadro has been building and delivering custom eCommerce systems for our clients since 2001. We are software engineers who love to build things that help businesses automate and grow. We have selected Magento as our preferred and only choice for building eCommerce solutions for our clients. We value Magento for many reasons:

  • Magento is a flexible and extensible framework that allows us to easily customize Magento to meet 100% of your requirements.
  • Magento is an eCommerce platform that has a rich (and constantly growing) feature set for both B2C and B2B markets.
  • As a Magento Solutions Partner, we can leverage and utilize a vast global ecosystem of Magento developers, extensions, and tech partners that are contributing and driving the state-of-the-art in eCommerce software.
  • Magento Commerce can easily inter-operate with or be customized to integrate with any legacy or modern back-office system, which enables you to take full advantage of Magento to reach your online customers without having to completely replace all of your systems.
  • Magento is robust and scalable for high performance and growth.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud provides a high availability, secure, and fully managed hosted solution for your business that as your technology partner, we can both rely on for uptime and performance.
B2C eCommerce on Magento Commerce

B2C eCommerce

Magento Commerce is the most flexible eCommerce platform used in the world today. It features the B2C functionality that you would expect in a robust, enterprise class eCommerce solution that can be used for small, medium and large businesses.

Kadro has extensive experience working with various clients to create their B2C online storefront. We have established B2C sites for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, online only merchants, traditional catalogers, and distributors/manufacturers selling direct to consumers.

The first step is to completely understand all of your requirements: from digital marketing to merchandising, from data security to data conversions, and from order management to product fulfillment. Our Requirements Discovery sessions are typically done on-site at your location. The goal is to identify and understand 100% of your requirements. We work together to scope a project that fully takes advantage of Magento Commerce's features and functionality, identify extensions that can be used or extended further, and identify the areas of your site that will require specific customizations to meet your needs.

For your new site's look and feel, Kadro can create a new site design, work with your existing marketing organization or agency for the new design, or partner with a 3rd-party design firm to achieve the look you desire for your brand and market. If you are migrating from an existing site that already meets your design needs, we can adapt the design to work as a Magento Theme.

Kadro also has extensive experience creating omni-channel solutions for our B2C clients including a single integrated solution for online, in-store, phone-based, and marketplace ordering and fulfillment.

Kadro will engineer a solution on Magento so that your marketing and merchandising staff can be self-sufficient to manage digital marketing, promotions, content, and your online product catalog through the Magento admin.

We work to provide a total solution for your online business either directly or with additional technical partners for: SEO/SEM, data security and PCI compliance, ADA and accessibility, affiliate networks, fraud detection, multiple alternative payment methods, shipping and fulfillment partners, and back-office/ERP integrations.

Here is what Scott Antrobus - Product Manager, Digital Enterprises at Weekends Only Furniture & Mattress had to say about the Weekends Only and Kadro relationship:
“Before partnering with Kadro, we worked with two very different Magento Solution Partners with limited results. After a rocky launch with the first, we decided to "upgrade" to a "Platinum" partner to ensure that all future development followed best practices. Unfortunately, we saw a lot of the same problems resulting from poor communication and hand-offs to overseas developers. We learned from the challenges of those relationships that we needed a partner who could be agile and accessible without compromising quality and structure. After meeting with a long list of potential partners with indistinguishable technical capabilities, we selected Kadro because of their flexible and direct communication, transparency, and integrity. Since then, Kadro has helped us achieve stability and substantial growth, and have proven to be a solid partner that we can trust and rely on.”

And here is what Martina Honovich, Digital Marketing Manager at Uno Alla Volta, had to say about their Kadro experience. “Our partnership with Kadro started as a site rescue. After a failed migration and launch to Magento with a different vendor, the Kadro team worked endlessly to get our website stable, upgraded and back on track. We needed a partner to step up and support us through it all and Kadro has delivered. I look forward to the continued partnership as we enhance our website and drive growth to reach our eCommerce goals.”
B2B eCommerce on Magento Commerce

B2B eCommerce

Magento Commerce provides a robust set of features specifically for B2B businesses that enable a standalone B2B e-commerce system or a single system to handle both B2C and B2B.

In addition to the standard e-commerce features associated with B2C sites, B2B sites have specific needs around complex pricing, varying product availability, custom order workflow, and company/customer management. Kadro works with the client to understand how their business currently operates and then leverages and extends Magento's B2B functionality to fully support the clients needs.

B2B systems typically require one or more integrations and fully-automated solutions. Kadro has extensive experience linking disparate systems and works with many different platforms and data transfer scenarios to meet the customers' needs.

Kadro has experience with the handling the following types of B2B scenarios:

  • Translating base price, trade agreements, and contract pricing from ERP systems into Magento pricing structure.
  • Customizing company/account signup and synchronizing customer data with backend ERP systems.
  • Establishing custom workflow for order processing for specific customer groups (e.g. Requestor, Approver, Purchaser)
  • Automating product and category creation from a PIM or external data source.
  • Synchronizing inventory, orders, and fulfillment with ERP.
  • Managing product availability and price variations by customer group.
  • Exposing orders sourced outside of Magento to provide a single source for customers to check order status and history.
“Evolving our eCommerce business onto Magento’s state of the art platform is paramount to delivering on the needs and expectations of our customers. Completing this major project without incurring any downtime was a tremendous success and Kadro lead us expertly every step of the way.”  Chris Miller, President Boss Pet Products

Custom Magento Commerce Websites in 8-12 Weeks

Accelerated Magento Website Development

Our accelerated eCommerce website development services are tailored to each client’s needs. The solution includes the development, delivery and implementation of a powerful, feature-rich, custom Magento Commerce website, typically in 8 - 12 weeks. Visit our Accelerated Magento Website Development page for further details.

Re-platform Migrations

Re-platform Migrations

In this scenario, you have an existing e-Commerce site, perhaps even fully integrated with your back-office systems, and it's no longer meeting your needs, is reaching end-of-life, or has become too costly to maintain and support. Your current site was likely a large investment, and you're challenged with how to move what you have to Magento Commerce.

Kadro can work with you to figure out how best to utilize Magento Commerce as your new e-Commerce platform as well as a framework from which to meet your objectives in replacing your existing site.

Kadro has been building eCommerce solutions for our clients since 2001. And our core team have been doing eCommerce since 1999. We have experience working with many custom built eCommerce solutions developed with Java J2EE (such as ATG, Websphere, Oracle Commerce, etc), Microsoft ASP/.Net, Cold Fusion, and custom PHP. As part of our engagement with you, we will dive deep in to understanding what you currently have, and work with you to map out the path forward with Magento Commerce.

This path may include leveraging existing systems and integrations to reduce overall costs and impact to your operations. It may be a path that has phases whereby you migrate and update other aspects of your total system architecture over time. We've taken proprietary e-Commerce solutions and re-architected them in to separate OMS and PIM components with them integrated with Magento Commerce. This extends the life of these components, and reduces risk in your business. We can also develop custom middleware to bridge data and business rules between legacy systems and Magento Commerce to create the right-sized solution for our clients.

Turbo Boost Your Magento Website

Site Analysis & Optimization Services (SAOS) - Turbo Boost your Magento website

Does your Magento website load slowly? Does it run sluggishly? Or worst of all, is it simply unreliable and maybe not running at all?

The team at Kadro frequently gets asked by companies, “Can you help us with our website performance?" The answer is YES! Over the last few years Kadro has been brought into many projects where there have been website functionality and performance issues which led us to develop our Magento Site Analysis & Optimization Service.

Our team understands the structural, technical and content reasons for slow website loading, inconsistent functionality and overall sluggish performance. We can audit your website environment and propose solutions to your site’s functionality and performance woes. Best thing. It’s a no cost, no obligation analysis.

Your Magento site in need of a rescue? Kadro is here to help

Magento Project Rescue Services

eCommerce projects don’t always go as planned. This can occur for many reasons. No matter what the reason, Kadro can help. We offer a comprehensive array of website project rescue and support services tailored to each client’s needs. Learn more by visiting our Magento Project Rescue Services page.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Upgrades

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Upgrades

In this project scenario, you are using Magento 1 to operate your online business and now want to take advantage of the features and functionality of Magento 2. Magento 2 is a significant change from Magento 1 in many ways. The upgrade process is more re-platform than it is an upgrade. However, Kadro will take steps to help reduce costs and achieve parity as much as possible with what you have customized from Magento 1.

As part of this project, Kadro's requirements discovery process will determine the following:

  • Are you wanting to do a front-end redesign or adapt your Magento 1 Theme to your Magento 2 site? If you are wanting parity with your current design, we approach this not by porting code, but instead treating your Magento 1 site as the look and feel design, then applying that to Magento 2's built-in Luma responsive web theme. We will work with you to determine which elements in Magento 2's standard templates you want to utilize versus customizing based on your specific wants and needs.
  • We will do a full inventory of your existing Magento 1 extensions. We will determine with you, which extensions you need as you move forward versus those you no longer need. For the extensions you need, we will determine if there is now comparable support native in Magento 2, an upgrade to Magento 2 from the extension provider, or whether a custom extension will be needed. For those that are custom, we will port the implementation to Magento 2. We have a great deal of experience doing this for many Magento 1 customizations including front-end features, cart/checkout features, Magento admin features, and complex integrations with ERPs and accounting systems.
  • We have developed database tools and scripts to port Magento 1 data (products, reviews, accounts, customers) to Magento 2. We will do the data migration in two steps: first during the development project and then again during deployment to bring all order, fulfillment, and account data over.
  • Through-out this process, we will advise on making sure that going forward, specific customizations are being done the Magento 2 way. We want to ensure that you are on a stable upgrade path moving forward. This is especially true when it comes to customizations to the cart and checkout process. It is common place to see many Magento 1 sites with custom carts and checkout pages. This is not the case with Magento 2. It will be important to leverage the native cart/checkout of Magento 2, and determine the elements from within the Magento 2 checkout to extend and adapt to meet your specific needs versus developing another full custom cart and checkout in your new site.
Mobile-first UI/UX Design

Mobile-first UI/UX Design

With the vast majority of both B2C and B2B eCommerce customers using mobile devices, it is imperative that your site provide an optimal mobile experience. Kadro will work with you and your marketing team/agency to design the right mobile layout, navigation, and online shopping experience that provides an easy to use mobile-first responsive web design for usability across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Key elements will include the layout and design of your home page elements, navigation elements (mega menu, layered navigation, etc), landing page design, category pages, and product detail pages. We strongly recommend to utilize the design and layout of the standard Magento 2 shopping cart, and how it can easily be modified when adding Magento extensions such as those for multiple payment methods, shipping options, promotion types, AVS, etc. without customizing the cart and checkout flow.

Kadro has designed and implemented numerous responsive web sites that have seen explosive growth in mobile users and mobile conversion.

ERP, OMS, PIM, and CRM Integrations

ERP, OMS, PIM, and CRM Integrations

Getting your data right is the life-blood for your Magento Commerce site. This includes data for products, orders, accounts, and fulfillment. For most businesses, this requires integrations with various back-office systems that run your business. Kadro works with your IT team and/or 3rd-party system integrators to determine the business rules, workflows, data feeds, and web service integrations to achieve the right solution to fully integrate Magento Commerce within your enterprise systems.

Kadro has extensive experience integrating with many back-office systems. These include Microsoft Dynamics, Sage/MAS, Epicore, PIC Business Systems, Enterworks, Oracle, Salesforce, and legacy IBM AS400 accounting/POS systems.

eCommerce Strategy and Consulting

e-Commerce Strategy and Consulting Services

Kadro operates as your technology partner. We are there to help guide and advise you on your eCommerce roadmap.

At that start of our engagement with you and your team, our business analysts and tech lead will spend a few days on-site at your location performing a detailed discovery of your business and technical requirements. This step in the process is key for a successful project. We will identify all elements of how Magento Commerce will be used, extended or customized to meet your needs. This will include how Magento Commerce will be applied strategically with your online business.

We strive to understand your business - the workflows, the pain points, opportunities to improve, and how you intend to grow and market your products and services. As much as possible, our team leads need to have a full understanding of how your eCommerce business works for you.

During the course of your new site development project, we will meet with you weekly. This will include collaborative discussions and decision making on specific aspects of your project as it relates to the development of your site, how it interoperates with existing systems, and how future needs can be better planned.

After deployment of your site, Kadro can assist in periodic planning for future updates and expansion of your online business. Kadro will advise you on how new features and capabilities from Magento can help your business moving forward. Kadro can continually revisit and review your goals and objectives as measured with key performance indicators for your online business to identify areas for improvements.

Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud

Kadro strongly recommends and prefers clients to license Magento Commerce through Magento’s cloud services. Our experience with Magento’s cloud services have been outstanding. Magento Commerce cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Provides Magento Commerce as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) - fully managed and hosted for security and performance
  • Elastic scalability with high resilience and availability.
  • Provides the development, testing, staging and production environments so that you and Kadro have the agility to create and deploy your Magento site tailored for your needs.
  • Focused on data security, PCI compliance, performance, global availability, and automated patching.
  • Includes system architecture to manage an integration environment across develop, deploy and test. Includes many 3rd-party components such as Redis, Fastly Content Delivery Network (CDN), Elasticsearch, Elastic Load Balancer, and Galera for database clustering. See Magento Cloud Architecture for more information.
Magento Self-Hosted and Managed Hosting Services

Magento Self-Hosted and Managed Hosting Services

If you choose to license Magento Commerce as self-hosted or choose Magento Open Source, Kadro can provide managed hosting services or work with your hosting company to manage and support your Magento website.

Kadro hosts several Magento sites on Amazon Web Services with a variety of hosting packages customized for your requirements. In addition, Kadro is a Rackspace solutions partner managing Magento sites hosted with Rackspace.

Kadro also provides system monitoring and on-call 24/7 support services.

VnEcoms Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

Kadro offers a best-in-class multi-vendor marketplace solution that runs on Magento Commerce with no additional subscription fees.

Business buyers are shopping on Amazon more than ever before. Now, a growing number of B2B businesses are building their own marketplaces—and expanding their market share. If you want to be a leader and grow faster, it may be time to launch a marketplace of your own.


Watch a replay of the informative webinar - Building An Online Community Marketplace - where you can learn how to quickly launch an online marketplace of your own!

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