B2C eCommerce with multiple sites for selling in US, Europe, and Australia

  • Solution B2C eCommerce, Marketplace Integration
  • Platform Magento 1


Originally conceived as a last resort effort to calm the anxiety of founder Phil Blizzard’s dog during thunderstorms, ThunderWorks has grown into a company with its products calming millions of pets all over the world, sold through a growing eCommerce site and in retail stores nationwide. With an enviable, in-demand product, ThunderWorks found itself stuck with an unenviable, inflexible web platform with limited support that constrained their ability to evolve the business. Not only that, their technology partner was non-responsive for site development needs. Enter Kadro. Utilizing Magento, Kadro partnered with ThunderWorks to transition their eCommerce website into a dynamic platform capable of adapting with the needs of the business.


ThunderShirt - Secret Life of Pets Homepage

In migration to Magento Enterprise, ThunderWorks was able to address a variety of website challenges. For example, with a strong TV advertising presence, having the ability for customers to be directed to specific landing pages and to a website implemented with responsive design was paramount. Kadro’s implementation of Magento’s responsive theme provided the flexibility and customer experience needed on smart phones and tablets to optimize these marketing campaigns.

Kadro’s new site for ThunderWorks also addressed several critical business needs such as full integration with their new ERP system, integration with Bronto for email marketing and shopping cart abandonment and the ability to address specific needs of their core customers, wholesale customers and product distributors. In addition, the shopping cart was upgraded with Paypal Express Checkout and Amazon Checkout and their WordPress blog was integrated with their eCommerce site with one of the many cost saving extensions from Magento Connect, Magento’s extension marketplace.

Finally to address a unique need of ThunderWorks passionate product owners, Kadro customized Magento to enable product reviews that were categorized by specific customer types rather than by products. With this functionality, Veterinarians, Trainers, Pet Owners and Shelters were able to find and add reviews from their specific groups and also include pictures of the pets they adored with ThunderWorks products.

ThunderShirt Product Listing

With a new partner in Kadro and a platform that can enable and not hinder their eCommerce vision, ThunderWorks has established a proper foundation to make possible new experiences for their customers, their brand and for future scalability online.

  • Migration from Mainstreet Commerce to Magento Enterprise
  • Implementation of a fully responsive design utilizing Magento 1.14
  • Integration with Embedded ERP and Bronto email marketing
  • Site Configuration for direct customers, wholesale customers and distributors
  • Implementation of PayPal Express Checkout & Amazon Checkout
  • On-going support with US based team
  • Early successes with the site include Paypal payments doubling to 30% of purchases and Amazon Checkout already accounting for 15% of site purchases.

"Kadro worked diligently to help ThunderWorks launch a website that offers a superior UX. They helped us navigate some pretty big eCommerce challenges and delivered turnkey service by coordinating with our design team as well as helping us vet the vast array of extensions available for Magento Enterprise."

Todd Cantrell

Vice President of Marketing, ThunderWorks, LLC